Community Based Writing Assignment & Go Green Blog Project

23 Sep

We have now begun our unit on Community Based Writing.  You are investigating “green” issues in the planet’s largest shared community, the planet, on our Cross College Go Green Blog Project (1st post due by 5 o’clock on Tuesday, 9/24! Directions on the blog!) and you are exploring ways to improve (greening optional) your own campus with our Community Based Writing Project.  If you want to see how the blog projects work, check out ones I’ve done in the past HERE.

Our Community Based group projects will involve a paper (one per group) and the creation of a commercial that illustrates your project’s overall idea. Feel free to check out previous student commercials HERE.

As far as video editing goes, it’s pretty self-explanatory and meant to be amateur. Simply record some footage – cameras are available for check out in the library, or your can use your own – and then upload it onto one (or more, preferably) of your group member’s computers.  You can find all sorts of free video editing software online; has nine different programs linked in this article. You can bring your laptops to class on workdays and I can assist you then. We’ll talk more about this part of the Community Based Writing Project on Wednesday/Thursday, but I wanted to share the link above with you ASAP.


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